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A. Finding the Right Portfolio Objective

Your Portfolio Objective determines your asset allocation, which refers to how your money is invested in mutual funds, ETFs and SMAs that contain different asset classes, such as stocks, bonds and cash. This is critical because typically these investments perform differently over time. We understand these differences and use them to your advantage to help smooth out the ups and downs of your portfolio.

B. Tax-efficient Investment Management

If you are an investor needing expanded diversification options and an increased focus on the tax management of your portfolio, we offer services to help ensure that your wealth remains just that – yours.

One goal is to increase the tax efficiency of your portfolio through investments in individual securities, engaging in strategic tax-loss harvesting to help offset potential taxable gains and other tax-efficient techniques. For our portfolio Models, the initial minimum investment amount is $50,000, with additional options available at $1 million.

Our Portfolio Models provide an increased focus on tax efficiency for taxable accounts by adding overlay management to help accomplish this goal.

There are key steps to the approach:

  • Allow more control of tax consequences through individual position ownership
  • Aggressively looking across your portfolio and proactively making decisions based on sound portfolio management, while also seeking to offset losses against gains to improve tax outcomes

C. Disciplined Investment Process

You will work closely with our portfolio managers to implement and refine your long-term financial strategy, and leave the daily investment decisions to a team of financial professionals dedicated to the program.

Advisory Solutions focuses on your needs.

The program includes these steps:

  • Helping you establish your financial goals
  • Working with you to complete the Investment Objective Questionnaire
  • Determining your appropriate Portfolio Objective
  • Choosing an investment model suited to your needs
  • Automatically rebalancing your account based on specific thresholds
  • Reviewing your situation at least annually

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