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We help high-net-worth individuals and families along with select foundations and endowments pursue their wealth management goals.

Portfolio Management

We will utilize your Investment Policy Statement in conjunction with their knowledge of your financial situation and plans to effectively invest, monitor and reevaluate your portfolio. We will focus our attention on your asset allocation which is the largest contributor to asset performance. Then through coordination with our research area we will make sector and security decisions that will meet your objectives.

We will continually monitor this information as to its impact on your portfolio. Plus we will work with you to review your cash flow needs and any tax sensitivities which can impact the portfolio.

In summary our portfolio managers maintain a vigilant focus on the following:

  • Asset allocation
  • Sector weights
  • Individual security selection
  • Cash flow requirements

Shenouda offers investment solutions tailored to specific types of investors, from individual and institutional investors to central banks to retirement plans covering millions of people around the world, among others. Our dedicated teams of investment professionals with deep industry knowledge provide superior service and address the specific needs of our broad range of clients.

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.A secure, comfortable retirement is every person's dream, especially since we are now living longer, healthier lives.

Get the advantages of retirement savings accounts with simplified plan management and specialized customer service.

Investing is just one of the many complex cash management functions most treasury professionals must perform on a daily basis