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Unlock Opportunity, Uncover Risk

In a world that is shifting and changing faster than ever before, investors who want answers that unlock opportunity and uncover risk entrust their assets to Shenouda Capital.  As an independent, global investment manager, Shenouda has no greater responsibility than to its clients. We help Investors  and individuals build the most dynamic, diverse portfolios these times require.

The natural evolution of our  investment in developing sophisticated and highly integrated portfolios is to  offer risk management, strategic advisory and enterprise investment system services to a broad base of clients.

Shenouda is recognized for its disciplined investment process and rigorous approach to risk management. Since its inception, Shenouda has focused on the need to assess security-and portfolio-level risks, to make investment decisions in rapidly changing markets, and to execute transactions efficiently, while ensuring strict adherence to risk management and compliance guidelines.

Research is the hallmark of our investment process. We utilize economic, industry and company information in an effort to build a broadly diversified portfolio that will meet your return expectations within the parameters established for risk.

Our client managers will work with you to develop an individualized investment policy statement that will detail your goals and concerns. Then through coordination with our research department, a portfolio designed for you will be developed.



Also we do invest in the following markets:

  • Large Cap Stocks (typically $3 billion market cap and above)
  • High quality stocks (average quality rating of “A”)
  • Representation in most industry sectors
  • Well diversified by industry and by individual security
  • Blend of value and growth characteristics
  • Fixed income rated investment grade or better (may use high yield funds)
  • Vary maturities based on view of rates and yield curve
  • Tax strategies used to minimize capital gains

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