People around the world are living longer and the number of retirees is growing. By 2050, the global retirement population will almost triple to 2 billion, growing at twice the rate of the population at large. Longevity should be a blessing, but many investors are worried they will outlive their savings.

Living Longer Around the World

Average Life Expectancy at Birth 1950-1955 and 2005-2010


“So what do I do with my money?”

Not only should investors consider saving for retirement as early as possible, but also think about how to invest along the way. Because they can use their longevity to ride out market cycles, investors today have the potential to generate income and even build capital throughout all phases of their lives. With retirements likely to span 20 years (or more), investors should consider lengthening their investment horizons and investing across a range of asset classes to generate long-term returns and retain the lifestyle they want.

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.A secure, comfortable retirement is every person's dream, especially since we are now living longer, healthier lives.

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