Cash is an essential part of every portfolio. But holding cash and putting your portfolio “on hold” is not a long-term investment strategy, since cash holdings historically have produced negative returns after considering the effects of taxes and inflation.

Cash Averages a Negative Return After Taxes and Inflation1


“So what do I do with my money?”

Cash is an essential part of everyone’s finances and plays an important role in saving and investing. In terms of investment risk, cash is also probably the most conservative option. But safety and comfort come at a price—the probability you will not meet your long-term investment goals. While today’s market conditions understandably produce anxiety, investors with large amounts of cash should take a step back, assess their goals, and work with Shenouda to make their money work harder for them. Open an Account Now:

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Investing is just one of the many complex cash management functions most treasury professionals must perform on a daily basis